Got a question? I have an answer. I can’t guarantee it’ll be the right answer, but you never know.


6 thoughts on “Questions?

    • Funny you should say that – I was recently sent a free sample of vanishing potion in the mail. I can send it to you for a price. But I will warn you it’s untested and may make your clothes disappear entirely. For the same reason, try not to get it on your hands.

  1. What can you suggest for those of us who automatically make the v-sign in all photos? It’s frankly ruining my social life!

  2. What would you recommend for a jealous cat? A certain cat – who shall remain nameless – has been seen violently repelling other cats from the garden, thereby monopolising my cat social life with his princely self.

    • A common problem. May I recommend Feliway cat calmer, a cure for low mood and mild anxiety in felines. Usually, spraying this around the home is recommended, although this case is slightly different. It may take hours or even days, but with dedication and a lot of hiding in bushes you will be able to successfully target every cat in the neighbourhood. Oscar Your cat will instantly love them all.

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